Walkabout (doggo) wrote in sociopathy,


Hi, I just found your community and decided to join. Looks like it's pretty inactive, (last post was in July apparently), but still...I think it'd be nice to connect with other hermit-like people to compare notes on life in a socially insane society. Briefly, I like people but cannot tolerate contact with them for very long. My limit of tolerance seems to be far short of the average, which makes having friendships, and even employee-ships, sort of hard to sustain. Does anyone else here have a hard time finding and keeping employment? I'm not interested in trying to re-create myself into some socially acceptable image, but I'd like to know how other people with similar situations as mine cope with a world that doesn't understand or trust someone like me who prefers to keep to himself. If you want to know more about me I just made an LJ account and you can read about me there.

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